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Club Paihia - holiday timeshare resort in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

This is an unofficial resource and information page for Club Paihia, maintained by Graeme Legg and family, owners of several timeshare weeks at Club Paihia. This is not an official page from Club Paihia - this is located at Classic Holidays Club Paihia.

Club Paihia has repeatedly received RCI's "Gold Crown" and "hospitality" awards, as well as Interval International's "Premier Resort" award, thus placing Club Paihia in the top echelon of Australasian resorts and in the top 10% of timeshare resorts worldwide. Club Paihia also received "Go Green" award for environmental sustainability.

For private rentals over Summer at Club Paihia - Friends of Club Paihia webpage - Friends of Club Paihia facebook page

Bay of Islands - New Zealand's slice of Tahiti (Stuff article link)

Club Paihia is a private 5 star timeshare resort, located at Paihia in the subtropical Bay of Islands in the north of New Zealand. The resort is nestled on a hillside in native bush about half a kilometer back from the main commercial block, wharf and village green at Paihia. It contains 54 units, of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Site facilities include a swimming pool complex, tennis court, numerous spa pools, BBQ areas, lounge, playground for children, bicycles, small boat park, orchard house and forest board-walk, and an onsite tour advisory and booking service. As of 2020 Club Paihia had a 4.5 rating on tripadvisor.

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Club Paihia data


Personal photos from Club Paihia

Tennis court - Jan 2024 Childrens Playground - Jan 2024 Section of bush - Jan 2024
Unit 96 kitchen - Dec 2020 Unit 96 dining table - Dec 2020 Unit 96 main deck - Dec 2020
Unit 96 second bedroom - Dec 2020 Unit 96 master bedroom ensuite - Dec 2020 Unit 96 master bedroom - Dec 2020

Club Paihia Pools Jan 2016

Unit 45 lounge - Jan 2021 Unit 45 master bedroom - Jan 2021
Unit 23 dining room - 2016 Unit 23 kitchen - 2016 Unit 23 bathroom - 2016
Swimming pool -Jan 2010 Cold swimming pool -Jan 2010 Swimming ext steps area -Jan 2010
Block 6 refurbishment - Jan 2010 Unit 65 Dining Room - Jan 2010 Block 6 one br unit kitchen - Jan 2010
Swimming pool -Jan 2007 Unit 23 lounge - Jan 2007 Unit 96 lounge - Dec 2007
Swimming pool -Jan 2000 Steps to swimming pool -Jan 2000 Reception entrance -Jan 1999
Swimming pool -Jan 1999 Orchard house internal -Jan 1999 Broadwalk section -Dec 1999
Orchard house external -Jan 1999 Table tennis -Dec 1999 Broadwalk start - Jan 1999
Pool table -Dec 1999 Broadwalk section -Jan 1999 Main lounge -Jan 1999
Children's playgound - Jan 1999 Core block -Jan1999 Swimming pool - Jan 1998
Swimming pool - Jan 1993 Swimming pool - Jan 1993 Unit 24 balcony - Jan 1993


Private rentals from Club Paihia

Note: Club Paihia is a private resort - all weeks owned individually on a timeshare basis
thus any rentals are on a private basis, and not through the resort itself.

Club Paihia owners - to link your Club Paihia rental pages here



Private purchases at Club Paihia


Holiday bettter than the millionaires for a fraction of the cost!


Why purchase a second-hand timeshare:

Traditionally kiwis owned a bach or similar near a lake or water.
This was relatively simple, was used only partially during the year and had a relatively high maintenance & rates burden.
The capital costs associated with full ownership have also become excessive over the last few decades, making it uneconomic for the average person to purchase.

Timesharing a resort holiday home means that you only purchase the number of weeks you actually need.
Maintenance costs are proportional to the percentage of weeks you buy..
The best timeshare resorts themselves are built to a much higher standard in terms of facilities than any private house or commercial motel.
All maintenance, cleaning & other costs are taken care to a high standard by professionals.

As in all private property a timeshare owner may utilise his week(s) himselves, let friends or family utilise it, or rent it out privately.
Additionally there are alternatives to swap your accomodation with other timeshare owners at different resorts either in New Zealand or overseas.
Purchasing secondhand timeshare directly from other timeshare owners means that you can buy at a substantial discount to the resort property replacement value at present.


Why purchase at Club Paihia:

Club Paihia is one of the premier five star resorts in New Zealand.
Club Paihia has the biggest range of on site facilities of ay timeshare resort in New Zealand.
Club Paihia units have recently completed a major overhaul / refurbishment and the resort is in superb condition.
Club Paihia is owned by the owners, run by the owners (who vote for a body corporate committee) - the management work for the owners.
Maintenance & rating costs etc are levied equally and costs as per NZ unit title law - there are no organisations in between.

Club Paihia is located only five minutes walk from the main Paihia town centre. & wharf
There is limited land available in cental Paihia.
Paihia is in the Bay of Islands (NZ's subtropical north) which is one of New Zealand's premier holiday destinations.
As the motorway & highway north from Auckland are completed/improved travelling time from Auckland is reducing.
This is expected to substantially increase Paihia property values over the next decade.

Club Paihia is privately owned - all timeshare weeks have an associated legal title.
Club Paihia timeshare weeks can only be purchased secondhand from exisiting private owners - there are no agents involved.
Club Paihia timeshare weeks are presently in surplus as there are a large number of owners who purchased around 30 years ago who are now reaching retirement age.
Due to this Club Paihia units can currently be purchased very cheaply on the resale market - once this backlog has cleared the second-hand resale value is expected to rise.


Club Paihia second hand current market prices:

Purchasing a second hand timeshare at Club Paihia is a private real estate transaction between willing buyers & sellers.
Each owner has an individual perspective and value that they place on their unit ownership.
This year this is a surplus of sellers of one bedroom floating units so resale prices are temporarily very competitive.
At present several unit weeks are available at a significant discount to resort replacement value.

Floating weeks provide access for all except the four Summer weeks after Xmas Day.
Fixed weeks limit access to a particular unit and week normally in January & are rarely available.
Fixed week resale pricing depends substantially on concerned week & unit, whether multiple consecutive weeks,
and what sellers personal expectations are.

Typical sale prices over last year (excluding total seller & buyer legal fees of c. $863 to $1400):
One bedroom floating weeks - c. $100-$1000.
Two bedroom floating weeks - c. $2000-$4000.
One bedroom fixed weeks - highly variable c. $1,000 to $5,000 plus or minus
Two bedroom fixed weeks - highly variable c. $5,000 to $10,000 plus or minus


How to purchase a second hand Club Paihia timeshare

Identify a private seller (see webpage links below)
Negotiate & agree a price
Discuss & agree legal fees apportionment & procedures.
(Hint seller & puchaser may both use their own lawyers as any real estate transaction but fees may be quite high)
(Contact Friends of Club Paihia for some recommendations)
(Conveyencing practitioners may also be a suitable alternative for title changes - see NZ Society of Conveyancers
De Graaf Conveyancing Ltd from New Pymouth also specialise in timeshare transfers)


As any current (as of year 2020) residential real estate transaction resale purchases can only be done by NZ, Australian or Singapore citizens.
The Lawyer will register the title in the NZ land registry.
Floating week purchasers will also be required to sign a "pooling consent" deed
Some vendors also supply additional banked weeks with their week, that they have not utilised as yet.



Club Paihia Timeshare week private purchases







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