Davina Legg

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Davina at school

1992...age 8 1995...age 11

2000...age 16


In the pool; with father, Graeme, and with older sister Joy in Dubai and New Zealand ~ 1985

Davina at 1 year old
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Davina and family at the wedding of her
older sister, Joy, in January 1996.


With grandparents,
Dot and Bill ~ jan93
With Dorothy and Jason
~ dec94


Davina with Dominic
~ Jan 99

Davina ~ Dec 99

Below: Davina on holiday dec99 to jan 2000 ~ with Santa, with Jason, with siblings.


At school leaver's ball (june 00)
with friends

Above: with boyfriend in Singapore.
Left: with sisters Joy & Kianna
~ Auckland dec00.



Davina ~ age 21 plus:


Davina with her
grandmother ~ Mar 2005
Jason, Davina & Matthew on Davina's 21st  


  Jason, Joy & Davina ~ Xmas 05  

For photographs of my relatives:

Parents: Graeme Legg

Brother and sisters: Joy, Jason, Melinda, Kianna

Dorothy Griffin

Mary Beggs

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