Dorothy Griffin

Dorothy Griffin nee Beggs born 1935, died 2005, a loving and supportive mother to Graeme, Christine, Kevin, Karen & Denise; Nana to Kiel, Davina, David, Mathew, Jason, Melinda, Brenden, Josh, Kianna & Tia; you will be sorely missed.

William Griffin

William Richard Griffin, born 1935, died 2018, knwon to all as Santa & grandpa Bill, a supportive grandfather & great grandad to Zac, Ettie & Charlotte; you had a fulfilling life.

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Dorothy Beggs age 19


Willliam Griffin c. 2017

2005 - A tribute to Nana:

In the wall of my daughter's nusery school there was a quotation which went something like this:
"In 100 years no-one will care whether you had a big house or a flash car, whether you were rich or poor, whether you had a brief moment of fame or a life of anomynity. The only lasting legacy you will leave is what you have taught your children."

On this basis the girl born into the world as Dorothy Beggs and who has left it as Dorothy Griffin, has left an enormously good legacy in this world. Single handedly for 15 years, in an era when it was not so easy to do so, she raised five children, all now productive members of the community. Her last words to me were "to take care of the children"; and the only answer in return was that "I had the best teacher to so".

Mum, Nana, Dot, Topsy, however you knew her, she had a wide circle of friends and family who all appreciated her for her unique and caring manner, and all will miss her in different ways. Certainly her grandchildren will miss the joy she brought to them, especially at Xmas. It is a tragedy that she did not live to see her greatgrandchildren, but when they are born they will know of her.

All of us children have been ably supported by Mum at various difficult stages in our lives. Never did she ask for anything in return. The same pattern of selflishness extended to many of her friends & acquaintances in need.

I would like to thank all her friends and family who are attending today.

Especially I would like to thank Bill, her husband of the last 23 years who accomodated her sometims difficult attitude, and who was also allways supportive of a second grown up family not initially his own. But most importantly those years together with Bill really made a positive difference compared with the earlier struggles in her life.

I would like to close with a little letter that my wife Ermie wrote to Nana, but I was unable to deliver on time.
Ermie says
"To Mom our Nana,
I am very very sorry if I cannot make it to come to see you and say goodbye at your last moment. I was so sad, and also Melinda & Kianna. Only I can say, wherever you are now, I hope you are going to the Kingdom of Heaven happy in the hand of the allmighty.
We miss your palatable jokes, especialy to the kids...We miss you Nana...we miss you."
thank you all.

Graeme Legg.

2018 - A tribute to Grandpa Bill:

I found it extremely difficult to write this in such a short time frame, and could probably talk about a million things that we all dearly loved about grandpa bill, but I will try keep this short and sweet. I have a few distinct memories whenever I think of my grandpa and I wanted to share some of them with you all: The first, being the weekly phone calls to nana and grandpas house. What became a tradition almost, was our weekly Friday calls to grandpas house when I lived in Bahrain, from a child all the way through to adolescence. Especially as a kid and only being able to see Grandpa during xmas time (which was once a year), the anticipation to call him and tell him such small things… that didn’t really matter- but at the time as a kid I thought it was the most important news in the world. Such as that I won a netball game or won a certificate for something at school. It sounds silly now speaking as a 21 year old adult, but it was always the highlight of my week even in my late teenage years. Those of you who know Grampa and his stories, probably understand why I loved listening and speaking to him as a child. One of those stories was how back in his days, he remembered how his dad had a horse and carriage and colour television to this day still shocked him. My second most distinct memory, was one that just seems to embody who I feel like my grandpa really is. Once as a child, I remember peeking into his room when the door was slightly ajar, finding a large Santa costume on the bed laid out. 5 minutes later, when ‘Santa’ came out for all the kids in his house, I confronted him and said ‘I know its your grandpa’ to what he responded ‘I’m Santa cheeky, what are you talking about?’ I was about 5 or 6 then, and I barely remember anything at that age. But that’s one of the memories I do remember and to this day, when I look into his room I instinctively flash back to that memory. His endless motivation to put smiles on the children’s faces during xmas as Santa, always used to warm my heart, to see how happy he enjoyed doing it.

As a loving grandchild, and on behalf of many of the grandkids I wanted to thank you Grandpa, for everything. For coming into the Legg family and putting your heart and soul into it, especially after nana died. It was a terrible time. Thank you for being a hero and supporting a second family not of your own, but loving them to the ends of the earth. You’ve always been so strong- the amount of medical battles you have gone through and emotional pain over the years. I will carry your willpower, your beautiful energy and hold you forever in my heart. Even through the last few rough months, you’ve still managed to smile throughout everything. That is what I’m going to miss the most. My final words to my loving grandpa are “I hope your journey to heaven is peaceful, happy and beautiful. Just like the beautiful human being you are. And I hope you are finally at peace, with the love of your life, and envision you grampa at the almighty doors of heaven, in nanas arms- reunited forever.”

Thank you

Melinda Legg


Young Dorothy

Dorothy as an infant

Praying at
Age 12
Age 13
School portrait


Age 15 "Marching"

On first marriage to Mervyn Legg


Young Bill



William and Dorothy Griffin photographs

William & Dorothy on their marriage ~1982

At Graeme's wedding ~ Jan 1994 At Joy's weddding ~1996
Bill,Davina & Dot~jan93 Davina,Dot & Jason ~dec 94 Eileen,Dot&Ermie~dec95
(still "marching")
        60th birthday cake


Bill & Dot ~2003

Mathew, Dot & Jason
~dec 2004

With Davina ~ mar 2005


Santa Bill


Family members:

CHILDREN: Denise, Graeme, Christine, Karen, Kevin.

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