Graeme Legg

Luzviminda Castillo
Bachelor of Engineering degree (mechanical)
--at University of Auckland 1977
Member ~Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Chartered Engineer
Works at: Aluminium Bahrain

Luzviminda Legg

Graeme Legg
Maiden name:
Luzviminda Castillo (alias Ermielinda Adriatico)
Bachelor of Engineering degree (Civil)
--at Technological Institute of Philippines 1990


Wedding of Graeme and Ermie
Family photos
Photographs of children
Photographs of Ermie
Photographs of Graeme & Ermie
Ermie's family

For other photographs of children:

Davina - Jason
Melinda - Kianna

Family members links & photos
Ancestors of Graeme Legg


Graeme & Ermie~ photographs:



Graeme and Ermie at Singapore ~ 1994

Graeme & Ermie 2007    




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Family photos:


Ermie, Jason and Davina~ dec94

March 97
Davina, Graeme,
Melinda, Jason

December 97
Ermie, Melinda, Graeme,
Davina and Jason

Melinda, Graeme, Davina, Kianna
and Jason ~ nov 98

Extended family at Kianna's christening ~ jan 99

Family ~ dec 00

Sept 03


Xmas 2010    

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Wedding photographs
Click on photo for larger image

Marriage of Graeme Legg and Ermie Castillo in 1994 at Torbay, Auckland.

Family of Graeme Legg


Family of Graeme:

Christine, Kevin,
Denise, Karen.

Dorothy and William Griffin.


Kiel and David D'Buisson

Davina Legg

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Photographs of children:


Melinda, Jason & Kianna ~nov 04 Jason & older sisters ~ Xmas 05

Kianna & Melinda at Dreamworld

Kids ~ dec00

Melinda, Tia & Kianna ~ dec 00


Kids~Xmas 99



Melinda and Monica
~ dec 1996

Ermie, Brenden, Joy, Monica
Davina, Melinda, Jason, Matthew
~ dec 1997

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Photographs of Ermie:


Mar94 in Singapore

Ermie at work as civil engineering
draughtsman 1995
Ermie at Club Paihia
~ jan 2000



Ermie's graduation ~ April 1990


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Ermie's family:


Ermie's mother and family in Texas 1984

Ermie's maternal granparents:
Ricarda and Toudolo Castillo ~ 1974


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For photographs of Graeme's relatives:

Brothers and sisters:

Dorothy Griffin

Mary Beggs

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