Michael and Josephine
(Joy) Mooten




Wedding of Joy and Michael

Family photos

For other photographs of relations:

Davina - Jason

Family Photos

Melinda Legg and Monica Mooten
aged 3&2 months ~ Dec 96

Joy with Monica
Ermieand sister Davina ~ Dec 97
  Joy, Monica, Melinda
and Ermie ~ jan 99


  Joy with younger siblings ~ Xmas 05  

Wedding Photos
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Wedding of Michael Mooten
and Josephine Mensorado
at Birkdale, Auckland


Wedding location at the castle, Birkdale.


Josephine, Graeme and Davina


Family of Josephine:

Karen and Ermie

Vicky-lee and Kevin

Denise and Barry

Ermie and Graeme

William and Dorothy


Jason, Graeme and Davina

Ermie, Graeme and Davina

Family of Michael Mooten


Joy's You tube channel

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