Melinda Legg

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Family members:
Links and photos.
Melinda at birth.
Melinda's first year.
Melinda's second year.
School photographs
Melinda ~ 2 to 4 years
Melinda - 5 years +


Melinda at birth

School photograph series

Dec 98...age 2

Mar 01...age 4

Nov 01...age5


Nov 02...age 6 Nov 03...age 7

Nov 05...age 9



Melinda's first year

Melinda's first Christmas ~ December 1996

Melinda and Jason

Melinda and Monica

Melinda in Bahrain 1997, age 3-12 months.

Up the stairs. In the box. In the pool. On the swing.

Melinda at her first birthday party.

Melinda's second year

Melinda's second Christmas ~ December 1997

Brendan, Melinda, Josh with Mum's at Club Paihia.

with Santa

at the beach

Melinda with Brenden.

Melinda in Bahrain 1998, age 15-27 months.

Melinda ~ 2 to 4 years

Brenden, Melinda & Josh @ Club Paihia ~ Jan 1999

With Santa ~dec99

On fourth birthday

Melinda on Sentosa ~ dec00

Melinda starting school
~sept 2001

Melinda - 5 years plus

Face-painting at Paihia ~ jan 03

Melinda at home
~ august 2003

Fishing at Paihia
~ jan 04

8th birthday


B rownies ~ Nov 05

Jan 2007

school ball ~ 2008

jan 2009

Singapore ~ dec 2010


For photographs of my relatives:

Parents: Graeme and Ermie

Brother and sisters: Davina, Jason, Kianna

William and Dorothy
Pacita Brown

Mary Beggs
Ricarda Castillo

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