1 bedroom unit - information for private renters from Graeme Legg.

Terms: nonrefundable, non-reassignable without permission, subject to current Club Paihia regulations.

Club Paihia is a private 5-star resort, not a motel. The units are owned by a number of individuals on a "timeshare" basis. The owners have established a body corporate, which employs a manager to look after the resort, according to the rules/regulations established by the body corporate.

A copy of these regulations is available at each unit. Essentially these are normal standards of courteous behaviour, and treatment of the resort and its chattels in a responsible behaviour. Failure to do so can result in expulsion from the resort, by the manager, without recompense.


1) Although an insurance policy is maintained, the right is reserved to charge the user for willful destruction or negligent behaviour causing damage to the resort.

2) A professional housecleaning staff is available on site. In event of accidental spillage of materials on carpets, bedsheets etc, please inform them immediately. Quick action is normally sufficient to rectify stains; delayed action may necessitate replacement and appropriate charges. Note: Interior buildings & units are non-smoking.

3) An inventory check of chattels is made at the end of the stay. Charges may be made for any items missing or broken. Minor accidents reported during the stay are usually not charged (at management discretion).

4) The majority of the recreation facilities at the resort are available free of charge to residents, although there may be booking requirements (e.g. tennis court).

5) Unit includes all cutlery, towels, bedding and appliances necessary, as well as an initial supply of consumables (soap, toilet rolls, etc.) Beach towels are also available on request. Unit includes TV, radio, DVD player. refrigerator, full kitchen including stove, microwave, dishwasher, cutlery for 4. Washer and dryer are common to each block. Telephone in each unit. The unit includes 1 bedroom with a double bed, 1 bathroom, while the lounge includes a settee, which folds out to a double bed. A communal freezer is also available downstairs (block 2).

6) Check in time is normally 4:30-5 p.m. on specified date (i.e. Friday). This is earliest possible. If a later check in time is required, please inform manager, so that appropriate arrangements can be made with you for key access. (If outside office hours, usually c. 5 p.m., then instructions usually left. Office hours also normally include all day Saturday - unless public holiday. Check out time is before 9:30 am on check out date (Friday), to enable unit to be cleaned and serviced for the following week.

7) Each unit includes one allocated carpark. All cars must be registered with management, on check in. If a second car is utilised, request second parking space from reception. (This is at management discretion if space permits ~ normally behind the swimming pool.) A public carpark is available on the road opposite the entrance to the resort, which any visitors should utilise.

8) A security service is used on the resort at night. A second door key may also be available for the unit ~ if required ask at reception. (Note: there is a charge for lost keys.)

9) Overnight accommodation is strictly limited to the capacity of the unit, i.e. 4 persons including infants.

10) The staff at the resort is employed by the body corporate. The management and staff are generally friendly and helpful, they are there to assist and advise you in the event of queries. A "happy hour" with free drinks is often provided on Tuesday afternoons, as well as daily information leaflets. A free booking service for local tours/events etc. is usually available at poolside. Full information pack is available at each unit, and presentation on TV

11) If extra facilities required (e.g.. cot for baby, highchair, plastic sheets for bedwetting children) please inform management prior to arrival. These are usually available if informed in advance.

12) Boat parking facilities are available below management block, usually on a "first come first serve" basis. Inform manager if intending to bring trailer boat.

13) Facilities at the resort include swimming pools, spa pools, sauna, tennis court, children’s playground, boardwalk & orchard house, gym, bicycles, owners lounge, BBQ, library, children’s game room. Feel free to utilise all facilities (in accordance with house rules).

14) Morning delivery of newspaper can be arranged. Inform reception on check in if required. Bill for newspaper and telephone toll calls is paid on checkout.

15) Incoming phone calls should be directed straight to the unit, which has a private phone (not to the reception). The unit phone number is (09)40264XX where XX is the unit number (e.g.. 24 for unit #24 etc.)

16) To reach resort ~ follow main road into Paihia, turn left into Williams rd, just past Paihia wharf and village green. Club Paihia is on the right, c. 1 km up the road (#67 Williams Rd). Restaurants, shops, wharf, village green etc. are all within 5 minutes walk each way (Paihia beach and Ti beach). Ferryboats to Russell are available from the wharf. I rarely find it necessary to use the car.

Happy Holiday.

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